Arjun Rao Arur drifting in VW Polo

Captured this with my BlackBerry Q10. The Driver (Arjun Rao Arur) had to cover a 6 second lead for a podium finish, for which he had to curate such epic driving! He was ecstatic! And guess what! He did it! (This was IRC – Indian Rally Championship)

the side mirror
The side mirror of VW Polo as it got rammed into a pole.

While drifting fast for this turn, he lost a little bit of road and rammed his side mirror on to a pole, but all this, without slowing down at all! He did loose a second there, it was quite evident. All in all it was an awesome day!

#IRC – Indian Rally Championship is a rallying sport competition organised by fmsci every year. I have been watching the Nashik stage since past 5-6 years and this year was completely different. The sport has grown much bigger. Its gaining the reputation that it really deserves. With every passing year, the sport gets bigger and bigger as well as, better and better! The race enthusiasts are getting better opportunities, there are TSD rallies taking place round the year. All these events are being organized, with high spirits, by WISA. WISA has been organising these great events since past 15 years and have always delivered. With a great number of pumped up volunteers, WISA has put Nashik on the maps of world rallying, or atleast, India.

Please Note: I have used the term #IRC in this post, because it seems the organisers have changed it to #IRC. Before, it always has been, #INRC - Indian National Rally Championship.

If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist)

girl in the hat

image courtesy Devil Doll image courtesy Devil Doll

Because my mother was a painter and a beauty when artists had patrons and a woman like that needed a man to take care of her, so she married a money man.

Because my mother’s mother was a beauty and her mother was, too, and that’s what people said: “She was a beautiful woman,” as if that was the only remarkable thing.

Because I was born in 1966, the year Betty Friedan and others started the National Organization of Women and challenged an industry which required flight attendants to quit if they got married, pregnant, or reached the age of 32.

Because when my mother had me, she stopped painting and started cleaning house and throwing dinner parties and smoking too many cigarettes and crying in the mirror.

Because my mother never told me that I looked pretty because she did not want me to grow…

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Carte Blanche

carte blanche. /kɑːt ˈblɑːnʃ/
complete freedom to act as one wishes.

Blinded by the sell outs that form our Society, the idea of existence of such simple word is imperceptible.
Today I write, while humming to the tune of ‘Humanity’ by Scorpions, about the simple ideology of living free. People are gashed by the idea of freedom. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, but do they really get it? Our society has a very subtle way of curbing your freedom while enslaving your mind, body & soul to so called realms of society, ‘Social threeholding’.
The minds of people are so trapped consistently in these three sphere of social life; Political, Economical & Cultural that the very idea of roaming free and wild seems bizarre. I don’t need to type it out how people are crazy for Money, Honey, Fame & Attention and functioning with one of these missing is then the ultimate cause of dissatisfaction and uncontented sadness. And of course, with everything in hand raises a whole generation of good for nothing chuts.
But this is not all. With the major part of society hopelessly enslaved, there also exists a bunch of free spirits running wild, dancing the dance of dead. These are the people that are constantly dissed, judged and put down by the ‘normal people’.
Society loves its people and has a hard time letting go and hence, would do everything to keep you illusioned. And driving away from this society eats away your will and desire to be free.
With your will power down the drain you are hopelessly chained to these imbalanced realms of society, where you either settle for life worth of making money and fame or are constantly in search of salvation.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe