The Unsung Martyrs

Here on this lazy Sunday afternoon, while browsing my Twitter filled with tweets about the visit of Mr. Obama in India on Republic Day eve, while no real concern for the Republic Day, I come across this article posted by about ‘The Man who finds missing links of freedom fighters’. Well, this was something that really grasped my interest and by the end of the article I was left completely baffled. Its not about just some other story that makes you wonder, completely engulfs you and leaves you at the thought. The article made me wonder or rather made me question. It made question myself, my ignorance.
I don’t think, that in spite of all that curiosity and all that questioning of things has ever shed any kind of light on the enriched history of my country. We all know that India has its share of history, a big one. But Shivnath Jha has completely opened up a new chapter in history which if not surprising but has always been widely overlooked by the society (I know this is how our society works, but still).

Your Story Co. has done this wonderful article about Shivnath Jha, who has made it his mission to dig out the bloodlines of the martyrs who had served our nation selflessly. The article starts with Shivnathji’s correspondence with Ustad Bismillah Khan and their emotional sentiments. And there after lies the truth that hits you hard in the face.
[Read the entire article at Your Story Co. | Link Above]
With his extensive research and hardwork Shivnathji has published a book, “1857-1947: Forgotten Heroes and MARTYRS of India’s Freedom Movement” consisting stories of 207 unsung heroes who gave their life for India.
It seriously is worth a thought that the people that are to be actually celebrated are today treated as the scum of our society. Its people like Mr. Shivnath Jha, whose work has brought limelight to the subject, which were dreadfully ignored.
Who knew, corrupt and immoral souls were this low in standards that they’d even ignore the people who have fought for the country, that they praise in deception for their baneful motives.

“Don’t tell me her name; I don’t need to know it, to cry for her.”

Nilanjana poured out her grief into words that did nothing but touched the heart to the deepest. I never saw this side of the incident, I never knew what it felt like when all of this happened. This article just made me realize about my reluctance to the real issue. In the midst of Shashi Tharoor suggesting to name the law after victim’s name and debating about Honey Singh’s obscene lyrics, we (Or at least me) forgot what actually outraged the fire. I am no judge to say whether incident has already been politicized or what, but all I can say is don’t let this fire, that has been ignited, cool down as it always has been. Certainly, most of us have already forgot about so many major incidents that took place in 2012. Ministers watching obscene clips, CWG scams, Death of Ajmal Kasab are some.

And these lines are gold:
“I don’t need to know her name now, especially if her family doesn’t want to share their lives and their grief with us. I think of all the other anonymous women whose stories don’t make it to the front pages, when I think of this woman; I think of the courage that is forced on them, the way their lives are warped in a different direction from the one they had meant to take. Don’t tell me her name; I don’t need to know it, to cry for her.”

nilanjana s roy

That girl, the one without the name. The one just like us. The one whose battered body stood for all the anonymous women in this country whose rapes and deaths are a footnote in the left-hand column of the newspaper.

Sometimes, when we talk about the history of women in India, we speak in shorthand. The Mathura rape case. The Vishaka guidelines. The Bhanwari Devi case, the Suryanelli affair, the Soni Sori allegations, the business at Kunan Pushpora. Each of these, the names of women and places, mapping a geography of pain; unspeakable damage inflicted on women’s bodies, on the map of India, where you can, if you want, create a constantly updating map of violence against women.

For some, amnesia becomes a way of self-defence: there is only so much darkness you can swallow. They turn away from all the places that have become shorthand for violence beyond measure…

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Waiting for Blackberry 10!

Right from the moment when BlackBerry announced the plans of the new OS coming, I was way too much excited. Earlier naming it as BBX (BlackBerry X), it had few copyright problems so later changing it to BB 10 (I like this one better).
Being an avid BlackBerry fan, this is my time to brag about BlackBerry as much as I can. In the BlackBerry World Conference, BB unveiled some great exciting features of BB 10.
Earlier, when the rumors stated that BB 10 would be a full touch device I was quite disappointed, as the amazing QWERTY keypad would be missing. Though was confident the touch keypad would be better than any other smart-phones! Which I feel is even now better than Apple, Android as well as Windows. But now as BlackBerry released its QWERTY version handheld I am nothing but excite to get my hands on the “N Series”.

BlackBerry 10 devices L – series (Left) and N – series (Right).

Yeah, that’s write BlackBerry has launched 2 series, the L – series which is full and the other is N – series which comes along with the almighty QWERTY keypad.

Keeping up with the updates of BlackBerry 10 is a difficult task. Everyday BB is revealing the cool features of BB10. Well, you can find all these feature updates at Crackberry, a BlackBerry fans rescue site so I wouldn’t spend my precious time in showcasing all of them (Although, I would like to point out, do not miss the BlackBerry Peak & Blackberry Flow Feature).

Though, this assures me that BlackBerry is back with a bang! Against the allegations of numerous people who just don’t that love for a BlackBerry. You might think I am over exaggerating, but trust me I am not. BlackBerry IS so cool.