Arjun Rao Arur drifting in VW Polo

Captured this with my BlackBerry Q10. The Driver (Arjun Rao Arur) had to cover a 6 second lead for a podium finish, for which he had to curate such epic driving! He was ecstatic! And guess what! He did it! (This was IRC – Indian Rally Championship)

the side mirror
The side mirror of VW Polo as it got rammed into a pole.

While drifting fast for this turn, he lost a little bit of road and rammed his side mirror on to a pole, but all this, without slowing down at all! He did loose a second there, it was quite evident. All in all it was an awesome day!

#IRC – Indian Rally Championship is a rallying sport competition organised by fmsci every year. I have been watching the Nashik stage since past 5-6 years and this year was completely different. The sport has grown much bigger. Its gaining the reputation that it really deserves. With every passing year, the sport gets bigger and bigger as well as, better and better! The race enthusiasts are getting better opportunities, there are TSD rallies taking place round the year. All these events are being organized, with high spirits, by WISA. WISA has been organising these great events since past 15 years and have always delivered. With a great number of pumped up volunteers, WISA has put Nashik on the maps of world rallying, or atleast, India.

Please Note: I have used the term #IRC in this post, because it seems the organisers have changed it to #IRC. Before, it always has been, #INRC - Indian National Rally Championship.